Relationship Coaching for Executive Directors and Board Chairs – it may very well be the best investment you'll ever make for your nonprofit


We believe it's time to reframe the e.d./board chair relationship into an exciting, powerful, effective, satisfying partnership. Even if you have a “good” relationship, chances are both of you are working harder to protect the status quo and not rock the boat than you are turning that good relationship into a great relationship. Imagine the impact on your organization if the executive director and board chair:

•  held a common vision for what they wanted to achieve during their joint leadership;

•  clarified what success will look like for their partnership and committed to achieving it;

•  agreed on how they will hold each other accountable;

•  explored how disagreements and conflict might serve their relationship and identified ways of using their different perspectives to improve the organization;

•  examined the myths and assumptions that are informing their relationship and became intentional about whether or not to keep them in place;

•  understood and appreciated each other's strengths and assets.


About the Coaches


Kim Fowler is a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach (CPCC) and is on faculty at the Coaches Training Institute, an international coaches' training school. Through her business, MESA Coaching, Kim works with individuals, partnerships and teams who are ready to remove limiting beliefs and behaviors and move through their professional and personal lives with mindfulness, efficiency, spirit and action. Kim's client list includes the National Association of Black Journalists, Wells Fargo, McDonalds, the Women's Funding Network of Arizona, the Asian and Pacific Islander Wellness Center and the YWCA of Oakland, where she delivered professional development training for members of the CalWorks program. Kim is also a member of the International Coaches Federation.


Liz Callahan is the executive director of The CBO Center, a management support organization serving the East Bay . Liz holds a Master's degree in psychology from New School University in New York City . She is a trained executive and relationship coach having completed CTI's (Coaches Training Institute) individual and organization & relationship systems coaching coursework, and is a certified Team Diagnostic™ coach. Her consulting areas include team development and team performance improvement, business process improvement, inter- and intra-agency collaborations, organizational restructuring, board development, matrix management, management accountability, and planning and project management. Liz is also a member of the International Coaches Federation and has applied for certification by that organization as an Associate Certified Coach (ACC).


How it Works


Executive directors and board chairs commit to participating in three 1-hour coaching sessions. The first session will take place face-to-face; subsequent sessions may take place either in person or over the phone, depending on the preferences of the clients and the coach. All three sessions should be able to be completed within 30 days. The fee for the 3-session coaching is $350.00.

To schedule a relationship coaching or for more information, please contact Liz Callahan at or by phone: 925-602-6760.


The CBO Center gratefully acknowledges Chevron Corporation for its support of this program